I was writing hypertext fiction for several years but newer before translated any full piece to english. In fact I was translating parts of other ones, yet I wanted something finished, published, translated... so in last days I forced myself to translate one of my early texts from polish to english (and change it a bit to be more consistent).

Any comments welcome!


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Wow! Thanks for submitting to the jam! It definitely has a surreal, eerie feeling to it. I like the use of alerts, too. The sense of place in the story is really strong (and the background helps too).

I think a perfect example of how your translation both helps and hinders the story is the sentence, "in the night the meadows resound with tree frogs squawks." The word "resound" is so rich and not often used in English so the thoughtfulness of the translation really helps there. It's so specific and original I love it! And then the extra "s" on "frogs" is just a small typo which distracts just a tiny bit.

Overall, I really like it - incredibly original and creative. Would love to see more!

I am happy the play with frog sound is strong in english too :) I've feared it might be lost in translation.